Strategic Consulting Solutions, Inc.

Special Services

Government Compliance Solutions Beyond Traditional Accounting

Strategic Consulting Solutions, Inc. offers numerous special services to government contractors such as that extend beyond traditional accounting services and include:

  • Accounting department outsourcing
  • Interim support for Controller and Accounting Departments
  • Cash flow management and advisory services
  • Business assessments and consultations
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Inventory control and material management
  • Budget preparation
  • Software Training

Interim Management of Accounting Departments

During our careers, we have worked as Accounting Managers and Controllers often assuming this role for companies in search of a permanent employee. We are familiar with the profession and the industry and can help identify qualified candidates. We can also assist with the transition and training of new personnel.

Cash Flow Management

While working with companies in need of government compliance, we see many areas that often require immediate attention. Cash flow management is an area that usually is neglected until problems arise. We assist companies implement procedures that help them effectively manage their cash at all times – not just when cash flow becomes an issue. When managed properly, cash flow problems can be reduced or even completely eliminated.

Business Assessments

As companies experience success and grow, their internal business structure often does not change to meet the increasing needs of the company. We help companies determine how their business processes can be improved to increase efficiency and accuracy. With new technologies, business processes should be reviewed periodically to determine if current practices should be revised to improve workflow and profitability.

Policy and Procedure Development

Many companies do not have up-to-date written policies and procedures. We work with companies to help them update or develop policies and procedures. This is an area that many companies neglect or postpone until they are needed. We have a template which can often be customized to quickly meet your company’s specific needs.

Inventory and Material Management

Some of our clients maintain inventory and have requested assistance in improving their management of inventory, purchasing, receiving, etc. We have also implemented material management modules for Costpoint. We have successfully reviewed their current processes and made necessary changes.

Budget Preparation

Budget preparation and reporting is pivotal to the success of any company. However, many controllers do not have the available resources to implement the budget process or write the necessary reports to monitor the company’s performance against these budgets. We have helped many companies implement a budget process, integrate the budget with their accounting software, and develop reports that compare their financial performance against these budgets.

Software Training

We offer on-site training for your staff using your database. We can also provide documentation customized to your company.